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"Be Held In the Grip of the Pierced
Right Hand of Jesus Now and Forever"

Inspirational Story Dedicated to the Memory of a Special Woman

My precious wife, Ann Hopkins Boulton, whom I always called "my Annie," is the only person I can dedicate this inspirational story too. She was the most loving and giving woman I have ever known. She was that way since the day I met her. She encouraged me to create my inspiring religious print.

We met at Alfred University in 1956, her senior year and my junior year. She and I waited on table at The Brick, a woman's dorm, to pay for our meal plans. She and I were dating other people at that time, but we found we could talk to each other about the difficulties we were having with those relationships. 

We enjoyed the freedom to discuss anything and began to build a relationship that encouraged each of us to break up with those we had been dating. We were almost like sister and brother at the beginning, but then, we began to think more seriously about a long-term relationship.

She seemed to know I was the right one for her before I came to the same conclusion. I asked for a time of separation to sort things out. I later learned she had told her roommate that if I wasn't the one, she wanted someone just like me. 

She didn't hang onto me — she left me free to make my own decision about our relationship. That was the best thing she could have done; it sent me directly to the Lord for my help in making a decision. 

A note here: If you live by the openhanded principle, you don't hang onto things, and situations and the Lord's hand is then free to control the situation, which is the message of my inspirational story. 

Annie graduated in June 1957 and went to work as a nurse in New Jersey. I started my senior year at Alfred that fall. We were planning a June 1958 wedding after I had graduated, and we were discussing honeymoon destinations. All things were proceeding well until we looked into the possibility of a February wedding and a start to our marriage at Alfred. It happened. She found a job working in the infirmary on campus, and I had my job waiting on tables for meals. On February 1, 1958, we married. We found a nice apartment, and her parents let us use their second car for six months. 

It was interesting to read in the newspapers reports of our wedding that for our honeymoon, we had motored through New York State. In truth, we simply drove back to the university.

I miss my Annie very much, but she's in a better place now; she is in no pain and is at peace. I talk to her every day as if she were here with me. We are soul mates who will never be separated she encouraged me to create my inspiring religious print to remember her. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the beautiful wife you gave me, amen.

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