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"Be Held In the Grip of the Pierced
Right Hand of Jesus Now and Forever"

"You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever."
— Psalms 16:11
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Religious Wall Art and an Inspirational Noval to Bless You

Grip of Heaven is the title of a painting created from a vision received by H. Bruce Boulton about his loving wife Ann when the Lord chose to take her home. He noticed how peaceful his wife of 58 years had become, shortly before her passing. He later found a note she had written that merely stated, "Stop holding on and be held by Jesus."

Ann had been clinging to this life, and when she finally let go, she experienced the peace of the Lord. She saw the pierced right hand of Jesus reaching for her as she reached back. That's how Grip of Heaven, the religious wall art, and later the book, came to be.

The rendering of the outstretched and pierced right hand of Jesus, reaching down to offer help was created by Sola, an accomplished artist and a good friend of Bruce's. After the portrait was finished, the Lord led Bruce to write his inspirational religious novel.

Bruce currently lives in Northville, New York, and wrote his book in the short span of just 30 days. He'd never written for publication, and editors acclaimed his work as a great tribute to his wife and an inspirational story. In the book, Bruce shares his touching personal testimony of faith, as he seeks the truth of God's Word, following his wife's passing.

Bruce wants you to know that Jesus offers everyone a personal relationship and eternal life. You can experience the kingdom of heaven here and now, knowing you have a future home in heaven. Jesus gave his life that you may have life, with Him, forever. Through his religious wall art and writings, he's able to express his passion of Jesus through his works.

To purchase a copy of Bruce's inspirational religious novel, Grip of Heaven, please visit WestBow Press.

Grip of Heaven is also available in print and as an eBook from

H. Bruce Boulton is Affiliated With the Northville United Presbyterian Church and Active in the Prison Ministry Since 2006

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